The Talking Pictures Podcast

Instagram, Selfies and Likes, Oh My

August 10, 2017

Instagram and Twitter have become key components to lives of both photojournalists and teenagers. Inspired by This American Life podcast's episode #573: Status Update, we explore the use of Instagram and how the world sees us and how we see the world. Are we any different than the teenage girls featured in #573. What is the photojournalist equivalent to "you're so pretty"? Are we posting photos for the likes, or is it just another avenue for our creativity. We also discuss some of our favorite Instagram feeds like @Barleythebrepup, @blockhouseroller_markhirsch, @davidhumekennerly and @scottstrazzante Note: There is some minor swearing that has not been beeped in this week's episode. Follow us on Instagram: @dispatchargus, @tmizener, @megmclau, @toddwelvaert, @isopaul79