Max-imum portraits

January 13, 2018

We apologize for the delay in posting a new episode. We have been busy moving to our new offices but before we moved out we recorded one last episode in our old photo studio before moving to our new offices. Max Gersh, of The Villages Daily Sun photographer, calls into the show to talk about his fantastic sports portrait project. The elaborately staged portraits were shot for the Villages Daily Sun’s high school basketball kick-off issue.


Thanks for the 1720 memories

December 9, 2017

The real estate listing for our soon to be former home at 1720 5th Avenue in Moline reads as follows; "Current Daily Dispatch Property. Now available for purchase. Over 53,000 SF of office and warehouse space……Will be vacated within the next 120 days.’ Well those 120 days are just about up, so we decided to gather six current and former Dispatch/Argus photographers to take a hilarious and heartfelt trip down memory lane about life at 1720. 

As for our new home, the Jefferson’s theme said it best - “Well we're movin' on up to the east side.”  We will be moving into a beautiful new building just down the road in East Moline. But before we go forward, we take a look back. We hope you in enjoy the show. Our panel includes Todd Welvaert, John Greenwood, Gary Krambeck, Paul Colletti, Todd Mizener and on the phone from Kansas City, Dan Videtich.


He broke the internet and survived

November 17, 2017

Our guest this week is Kyle Grantham, the National Press Photographers Association clip contest chairman. In addition to giving us an inside look at the monthly clip contest, Kyle weaves some great stories from his days as a photojournalist in Delaware, Indiana and Wyoming.  Tune into the podcast and find out what body part freezes first when it is -27 degrees in Casper, Wyoming and much, much more.


Betty Sample - My Old Friend

October 12, 2017

During the course of your career you come across those unique characters on assignment that just stick with you. 100-year-old Betty Sample is one of those people for me (Todd M). This week’s podcast is about Betty and the portrait I shot for her 100th birthday. The portrait will be posted on the Talking Pictures Podcast blog.


Tintype: Better photography through chemistry

October 4, 2017

Todd Welvaert returns to his co-host seat to talk about his new photographic passion - tintype photography. The early form of photography dates back to 1853. Todd talks about how a great deal at a priest's estate auction and his desire to try something new, albeit old, very old, has turned into a full blown obsession to make 100 great tintype portraits. To see a video of Todd making a tintype go to our blog -


Hurricanes and Riots

August 31, 2017

In a recent Facebook post former Dispatch/Argus reporter, Brian Krans, wrote: “To any journalist friends who are covering Hurricane Harvey: one, remember your stay in a hotel room makes one less for evacuees. Two, go into counseling immediately after your assignment is done. You're going to see things you wouldn't normally expect and then go home to people acting like everything is normal. The juxtaposition can be jarring.  I learned the latter the hard way covering Katrina from the ground. It changed me forever.” Brian talks candidly about his experience covering Katrina and his more recent experience covering the violent protests in Berkley. We also talk to Brian about the state of journalism in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. Brian, who left the Dispatch/Argus in 2009, is currently working on a Master’s Degree in Journalism at the University of California, Berkley. The veteran reporter also hosts The Rock Town Podcast


Solar Eclipse….totally stoked

August 18, 2017

Alan Sheidler, the President of the Quad-Cities' Popular Astronomy Club, is excited about witnessing his first total solar eclipse on Monday, August 21, 2017. Before leaving for Columbia, Missouri he was kind enough to chat about photographing and witnessing the eclipse.


Intern Take Over

August 11, 2017

The summer is coming to a close and our interns are going back to school soon. Before they head back to campus we wanted to sit down for a chat with reporter interns Hannah Rodriguez, Luke Cummings, Jessica Moon and photo intern Nate Manley. They were one of the best crop of interns we have ever had here at the paper. Tune in and learn all about the Breakfast Club for Magicians and the weird and wacky world of a door to door salesman. (Thumbnail composite photo by Meg McLaughlin)


Pardon Our Interruption

August 11, 2017

This week’s episode is an quick status update on the podcast and an explanation for our unexpected hiatus. Rest assured the podcast isn’t going anywhere and we have some new episodes in the works.


Instagram, Selfies and Likes, Oh My

August 10, 2017

Instagram and Twitter have become key components to lives of both photojournalists and teenagers. Inspired by This American Life podcast's episode #573: Status Update, we explore the use of Instagram and how the world sees us and how we see the world. Are we any different than the teenage girls featured in #573. What is the photojournalist equivalent to "you're so pretty"? Are we posting photos for the likes, or is it just another avenue for our creativity. We also discuss some of our favorite Instagram feeds like @Barleythebrepup, @blockhouseroller_markhirsch, @davidhumekennerly and @scottstrazzante Note: There is some minor swearing that has not been beeped in this week's episode. Follow us on Instagram: @dispatchargus, @tmizener, @megmclau, @toddwelvaert, @isopaul79