The Talking Pictures Podcast

Episode 1 - Talk about the passion

May 5, 2015

Since we are new to Podbean we have reposted our first ever episode.Nearly 50 episodes later we are still going stong. Jump into our audio time machine and go back to the beginning. Episode #1: Talking Pictures is a podcast produced by the photo staff of The Dispatch, the Rock Island Argus and in Moline, Illinois. In our debut episode the guys talk about the moment in time their passion for photography was sparked. This week's episode features photojournalists Todd Mizener (Dir. of Photography & Multimedia), Paul Colletti (Lead Staff Photographer) and Todd Welvaert (Staff Photographer). The photography centric podcast hopes to demystify the job of being a photojournalist at a mid-sized daily newspaper and offer a new way for the staff to connect with its readers.